Best Electric Pressure Cooker Pots

Do you know that cooking different meals could be lots more easier for anyone who desires to live healthy at all times without having to depend on fast foods and other junk foods that are not healthy for your body on daily bases, weekly and monthly for your satisfaction.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker

There are modern electrical pressure pots cookers that are super effective in their mode of cooking different foods and they are designed with automatic cooking system to enable you cook or prepare different kinds of foods such as baking, roasting, slow cooking, warming, steaming and even making yogurts.

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Best Electric Pressure Cooker 2020 Reviewed

These pots are of portable and compact designs thereby making it easier to be use both in large and smeller kitchens and they can be set on any counter space because of their vertical designs.

#1. COSORI 2.1 Qt 7 in 1

This pressure cooker is built with so much sophistication which makes it one of the best pots that is widely used by both singles and families.

The computer technology system makes it easy for it to comfortable cook 14 meals with minutes thereby serving you lots of time in the kitchen. The body design is very portable to fit into any kitchen or office because the inner is non-sticky for all foods.

The holding temperature of this pressure pot is 140-176⁰f, wattage of 720W and a voltage of 120V, these features together makes it an ideal pressure cooking pot for lover of delicious and healthy meals.

Capacities: pressure cooking, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, warmer and stock pot.

Safety Mechanism: Electric current monitor, excessive pressure protection, lid position monitor, excess temperature monitor and pressure auto-control guard.


  • Power cord
  • Dimension 6.7 x 6.7 x 4.5 inches.
  • Weighs 7.8 pounds
  • Wattage 720W
  • Frequency 60HZ
  • Voltage 120v
  • Lid lock safety
  • Measuring cup
  • Temperature control
  • Ladle
  • Temperature monitor
  • Pressure auto-control guard
  • Rice spoon
  • Steamer rack
  • Spare silicone sealing ring
  • Temperature glass lid
  • Cooking utensil
  • Pressure release button
  • Pressure valve
  • Recipe cook book


  • Has extra accessories for easy cooking
  • Is affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Is dishwasher
  • Built with safety mechanism
  • This pressure pot cooker is very fast during cooking.


  • No remarkable fault has been recorded

#2. INSTANT Pot Duo Plus 8Qt 9 in 1

The instant 8Qt 9 in 1 pressure pot is a suitable cooker for large families that need to have their meals prepared within a short period of time and also meets up with the satisfaction of every member of the family.

This multi-purpose cooker is capable of handling different meals such as egg, sauté, make yogurt, rice, steaming of food, warming of food, pressure looking, make cake and sterilizes too.

Capabilities: Soup, meat, beans, cake, egg, slow cook, sauté, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, sterilize, yogurt and pressure cooker.


  • Voltage 120V
  • Frequencies 60Hz
  • Wattage 1200W
  • 33 inches long power cord
  • 3 poly bottom
  • Steam rack
  • LCD display
  • Cooking program
  • Off/on indicator
  • Heating/cooking indicator
  • Keep warm indictor
  • Pressure cooking indicator
  • 15 programmable micro processor control
  • Cooking utensil
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Weighs 15.56 pounds
  • Dimension 14.8 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches


  • This cooker is UL certified
  • Suitable for large family
  • Built with 10 safety mechanism
  • LCD display
  • Programmable technology
  • Is a fast cooker
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • This cooker is dishwasher


  • The price is a little bit high.

#3. POWER Pressure Cooker XL8Qt

The power pressure cooker pot is a non-sticky digital stainless steel slow cooker that is of 8Qt capacity with large handle arm that are safe lock lid.

After cooking, is very easy to keep this pressure pot clean because is dishwasher safe and operation produce is very easy.

The non-sticky inner makes cooking any food enjoyable because you will have to cook any food without being scared of your food getting burnt and sticking inside the pot.

Capabilities: Soup maker, canner, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and cookware.


  • Power cord
  • Stainless steel housing
  • One touch preset buttons
  • Digital display panel
  • Steam release valve
  • Safe lock lid
  • Non-sticky interior
  • Flavor infusion technology.


  • The pressure cooker is dishwasher
  • Very easy to use and operate
  • Built with automatic keep warm mode
  • The inner is built with non-sticky interior
  • Built with one touch intelligent setting
  • Can handle vegetables, beans, fishes, rice, meat, soups, stew and every other delicious meal.


  • The price is little bit high.

#4. YEDI 9 in 1 Total Package 

The Yedi 9in 1 pressure pot is an amazing cooker that is perfect and suitable for cooking different meals for your family. The accessories that come along with this cooker are totally awesome for handling your cooking produce without having to waste money to buy the again and this includes 2 oven mitts, egg and steam racks, steaming basket, cooking utensils, recipe book and more.

It is also designed with 15 programmable touch micro processor cooking setting that makes preparation of meal which serves you lots if time.

Capabilities: make yogurt, make, sauté, slow cook, pressure cook, steam, pasteurize, cook rice and warm.

Safety Feature

  • Heat resistant mitts
  • Temperature monitor
  • Pressure regulation system
  • Anti-block shield
  • Safety locking lid
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Smart locking sensors
  • Pressure protection system
  • Electrical current fuse
  • Automatic temperature control


  • 2 oven mitts
  • Steaming basket
  • 1 extra silicone sealing ring
  • 1 ladle
  • Steaming trivets
  • 1 rice paddle
  • 2 egg racks
  • Measuring cup
  • Inner cooking pot
  • Recipe book
  • Cheat sheet
  • Manual setting
  • Spare gasket
  • Temperature glass lid
  • Website and mobile app
  • Power cord


  • It cooks meals just within few minutes
  • Dish washer parts and accessories
  • Is a 9 in 1 pressure pot
  • Comes with useful attachments accessories
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with egg and steam racks
  • Has cooking utensils
  • Has mobile app


  • No remarkable default has been recorded.


The Breville BPR700BSS pot is a professional multi-purpose cooker designed to deliver both fast and slow cooking pattern; the interior of this cooker has a bowl that is removable with ceramic coating of PTFF and PFOA free for maximum and effective cooking.

Manufactures of this product designed it with safety system that is three in number which are for your safety precautions and during cooking, this cooker tells you when releasing steam, cooking or pressurizing  thereby letting you know the sate of your food through the LCD displaying color on the body of the electric cooker.

Capabilities: Rice, risotto, soup, beans, poultry, meat, bones, chili & stew, dessert, vegetables and custom.


  • Dimension 12.5 x 13.5 x 14
  • Automatic hands free
  • Safety locking lid
  • LCD color display
  • Removable bowl
  • 11 pressure cook setting
  • Size 6Qt
  • Stainless steel body
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • 3 pressure cooking functions


  • The pressure cooking setting has high, med and low
  • It has 3 safety system
  • The LCD display the state of your food
  • The bowl inside is removable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Has 11 pressure cooking settings


  • The price is bit at the high side

#6. NINJA OP301

The Ninja OP301 pot cooker is a portable cooking device that will comfortably fit into any kitchen or offices and use as an outdoor event cooking device.

The powerful motor unit of 1400watts helps in stimulating its working ability to carry the 5 temperature settings for cooking your food, steaming, baking, roasting, slow cooking, air crisp and sauté.

This cooker also has the ability to always keep any food kept in it warm till the time it is needed for consumption because of the automatic stay warm technology system is built.

Capabilities: sear/sauté, air crisp, steam, slow cook, broil, roast and bake.


  • Dimension 14.2 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches
  • Weighs 25.8 pounds
  • Wattage 1400W
  • 14 level of safety
  • 5 quart ceramic
  • PTFE/PFOA free
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Automatic stay warm
  • Tender crisp technology
  • Programmable cooking setting
  • Rubber, plastic and metal body
  • Crisping lid
  • Air fryer
  • 45 plus recipe book
  • Crisp basket


  • Made of non-sticky interior
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • 5 temperature
  • Has 14 safety processes
  • Acceptable for cooking frozen foods


  • No specific default

#7. INSTANT Pot Smart WIFI 6-Quart

Have you been searching for the right pressure cooker pot that can suit all you cooking pattern and safe you lots of money from buying different cooking devices for your kitchen; then is just for you, here is just what you need the 9 in 1 automatic and programmable pressure cooker pot.

This cooker is an amazing compact and portable device that will keep you running to your kitchen for delicious and healthy meal at all times.

The cooking system covers 14 very easy-touch screen programs for easy cooking which are for soup, beans, simmer, porridge, poultry, meat, stew and multigrain; to live healthy and happy always.

Capabilities: bake, steamer, slow cook, make yogurt, pressure pot, cook rice, pasteurizer, sauté and warm.


  • Power cord
  • Dimension 13 x 12 x 12.2 inches
  • Temperature monitor
  • Auto-temperature control
  • Pressure regulation
  • Pressure protection system
  • Electrical current and temperature fuse
  • Stainless steel pot
  • 9 in 1 appliances
  • Safety locking lid
  • Smart locking sensors
  • Anti-block shield
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
  • 14 cooking programs
  • Silicone gasket
  • 1 year warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Built with an auto temperature control system
  • Is a 9 in 1 automatic magical cooker
  • The locking sensor is very effective
  • High temperature cooking can’t damage this electric because of the pressure protection


  • No specific default

What Are Electrical Pressure Cookers?

These are specially designed cooking pots that helps you cook your foods within a short period of time thereby saving you a whole lots of time for you to attend to other necessary activities in your kitchen,.

Pressure cooker pots come in two types which is the stovetop pressure cooker pot and the electrical pressure cooker pots.

Electrical pressure pot cookers are super designed for different cooking pattern and they require electrical current supply for them to function and work.

These cookers also have automatic programmable settings that are for the purpose of controlling this cooker and making the best out of it.

One amazing feature of the electrical cooker is that you will not necessarily need to stay and monitor the cooking but with the automatic cooking settings; you can set the cooking time that is required for cooking your food properly well.

How Pressure Cooker Pots Work

Pressure pot cookers saves time during cooking and this is because of their mode of working.

Someone might be wondering what makes the pressure pots unique and special then other cooking pots or means; well is very easy to know why they are unique pots just as their name implies “pressure cookers” they work by mounting heat pressure on the food items place into it for cooking because they do not allow air or vapor to escape from inside the pot.

So during cooking, the heat pressure accumulates intensively inside the heat up the food there thereby getting the food ready for consumption within a short period of time.

Who Needs Pressure Pot Cooker

  • Electrical pressure cooker pots are suitable for all kitchens, offices and event purposes.
  • For people who want their food to be prepared in a short period of time; the solution is an electrical pressure pot.
  • For large families that need to cook different foods all day for the kids, this cooker pot is the best for you.
  • For people that want multi-functional cooking pots for roasting, baking, warming, steaming, cooking rice.etc, this pressure pots are the best for you.

Capacities Of Electrical Cookers

Below is what the electric pressure pot cookers can do for you.

  • Slow cooking
  • Pressure cooking
  • Steaming
  • Rice cooking
  • Pasteurize
  • Sautéing
  • Bakings
  • Making yogurt
  • Sous vide
  • Warming
  • Roasting
  • Broil
  • Air-crisp
  • Keep warming

Factors To Consider When Buying Electric Pressure cooker

Electric pressure pots are manufactured by different industries that specialize in producing pressure pot cookers for easy cooking.

These cookers come in different forms and capabilities to suit your needs and wants. Before you embark to buy an electric pot cooker for yourself, your family or to gift a friend; we suggest that you consider the following factors for proper direction.

  1. SIZE: the size of the electrical pressure pot that you are planning to buy really matter because they come in different size to satisfy your pattern of feeding or to satisfy your family. Is also important that you know the size of the pressure pot for the purpose of what you are going to use it for.
  2. PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS: when buying these pots, is advisable to watch out for the programmable functions which are designed to handle your cooking produce with the help of the automatic functions.
  3. TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: pressure cooker pots come with different temperature settings that are suitable for cooking foods such as meats, vegetables, soups and fruits. The purpose of this is to cook your food at the right temperature and not damage the vitamins and mineral contains of your foods.
  4. BODY: the body of the pressure pot cooker comprises of both the external and interior material use in designing it. Manufactures of these pressure cookers designed them with different materials that can withstand heat and vapor therefore we advise that you should buy cookers that are scratches resistant to avoid having burnt food at all time.
  5. CLEANING: when buying a pressure cooker pot, is advisable to ask about the cleaning procedures and know if it suit your timing and also to be able to always keep the pot clean after cooking for your next cooking.
  6. PRICE: You will need to consider your budget before buying or knowing the type of pressure pot cooker to buy, this is because they are of different prices and of different models.
  7. PROTECTION SYSTEM: Is very important to watch out for the temperature protection system and how it works. This play a vital role in ensuring that this pot is not damage with high temperature during cooking.
  8. SAFETY: What should be of paramount necessity to you and your family is your safety during cooking in order to avoid burns or injuries. When buying a pressure cooker, is very important to watch for the features that covers all safety precautions.
  9. ADDITIONA ACCESSORIES: Is important to know the additional accessories that come with any pressure pot that you intend to buy in order to enable you cooker different foods.

Summary: these pressure cooker pots are of modern qualities and are all factory fitted programs to serve you effectively. The above pots are the top best selling electrical cooker pots are reliable and efficient in their mode of cooking.

We confidently assure you that the best of electrical cooker will be daily dated on this page for more easy living healthy.

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